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Software Development Case

Software Development Cases

       A computing technology research institute was founded in 1956 and is China's first academic institution specializing in comprehensive research on computer science and technology. The main research directions and fields of the Institute of Computing Technology include information processing, information retrieval, network security, big data processing, architecture research, intelligent technology research, biological information computing, virtual reality technology, etc.

       In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of IT systems, the operation and maintenance monitoring of the software and hardware platforms of IT systems has gradually become a key concern of all walks of life. IT operation and maintenance monitoring has risen to the same height as IT construction. The quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance directly affect the operation and benefits of the enterprise. Through the overall monitoring of the ARP system, an efficient and lightweight operation and maintenance monitoring platform is created. The IT operation and maintenance monitoring system designed for customers realizes the overall monitoring of the two-level ARP system of the institute, provides some monitoring methods and technical methods for the core business of the ARP system, and changes the loosening of IT operation and maintenance of various institutes before. The diversification of monitoring software and uneven operation and maintenance level of system administrators effectively supports the stable operation of the ARP system.