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Customer's problems and challenges:

   •The company has just been established and has entered a development period.

   •The company has set up full-time IT maintenance personnel, but the workload cannot be guaranteed, and the hidden management cost is too high.

   •There are more and more desktop devices, and the office environment is becoming more and more complex. Desktop failures of business personnel cannot be repaired in time.

   •There are many types of office equipment and various brands, and there is an urgent need for a unified IT asset management and maintenance interface.

   •New equipment purchase, installation, and maintenance costs are too high.

Our solutions and features:

   •Set up a unified service desk interface, responsible for service resource scheduling and closed-loop control of the service process.

   •Flexible customization of a limited time door-to-door and emergency response mechanism to ensure that service issues are resolved efficiently.

   •The E-ITO excellent operation and maintenance system of BS structure ensures that IT assets can be queried and analyzed; service tasks can be quantified and improved.

   •Dedicated project manager, responsible for customer service plan customization and SLA service level management.

   •Provide zero-cost desktop equipment procurement and installation services.

Customer's problems and challenges:

   •There are many types of IT assets and various brands, making it difficult to count and maintain.

   •It is difficult and costly to coordinate and manage multiple suppliers.

   •Incomplete statistics of IT assets, loss of assets and unclear responsibilities.

   •There are too many IT equipments that are over-guaranteed, making it difficult to formulate elimination and maintenance plans.

   •Multi-party procurement leads to higher unit costs, making it difficult for companies to negotiate prices.

Our solutions and features:

   •Establish an IT equipment maintenance guarantee SPOC to improve your maintenance efficiency.

   •Establish a morning agent purchase SPOC to simplify your supplier management process.

   •The Pampro outstanding operation and maintenance asset management system with BS structure ensures clear allocation of IT assets and convenient auditing.

   •Based on accurate failure rate statistics and asset service cycle status, flexibly formulate maintenance strategies.

   •Establish a wide range of reliable supplier channels, realize unified procurement and service management, and reduce your procurement costs.

Examples of scheme models:




Customer's problems and challenges

   •The financial department's requirements for lowering the overall operating cost TCO continue to increase.

   •The reliability requirements of business departments are increasing.

   •How to better go from passive service to active service?

   •What is the best operation and maintenance service standard in the industry? Where is our gap?

   •How to start our change?

Our solutions and features

   •Help customers understand and master the development trend of IT operation and maintenance management and industry best practice standards.

   •Evaluate the customer's existing service process system memory to establish a baseline.

   •Combining the customer's vision with the status quo of IT capabilities, plan the first steps to be taken to achieve excellent operation and maintenance services.

   •Provide service process formulation, optimization training, and give examples of development roadmap.

Examples of implementation steps:

The implementation steps include: determining the scope of the assessment, face-to-face individual interviews, checking of existing processes and tools, writing assessment reports, report delivery and training. The consulting service cycle is relatively long. After determining the service intention, our consulting experts will introduce the details of the service to the customer, and formulate a specific project implementation schedule according to the customer's requirements.